released June 18, 2013

All songs performed by:
Hannah Glavor, Mackenzie Halbert, Matthew Howen, Lucas White and Tim Glavor

Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Mr. Kevin Matley
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI
Recorded in Seattle, Washington January 2013

All songs written by Hannah Glavor
© 2013 Hannah Glavor Music (ASCAP)


Album illustration, design and layout by:
Jacob Cowdin and Trent Edwards



all rights reserved


Hannah Glavor Portland, Oregon

Hannah Glavor is a Portland based 6-piece folk/pop/indie/gospel masterpiece. Weaving together the likes of banjos, accordions, guitars, hypnotizing drum beats and soul melting harmonies; Hannah and her family band will gladly serenade you into sweet oblivion. ... more

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Track Name: Still, My Soul
Be still my soul, for love’s on your side
Bear patiently, in time will provide
Though peril was the path
I see a joyful end

Be still my soul, though waves crash below
The Storms calm and winds still, His voice, they do know
Let not your frail hope shake
I see the sun arise

Be still my soul, as the hour’s hastening on
All sighing, all dying all tears will be gone
Love’s purest joys restored
I see we meet at last
Track Name: Not Alone
For those who cry and wail asunder
for those who're frail and weak
in times of trial where we wait for sunrise
when left so cold so deep

one thing that I have once heard
one thing thats been said
there is one who's strength surpasses
who's love is wide and deep

you're not alone come home
no wails and moans cast your load
lift up your soul worries thrown
you're not alone come home

all those who mourn and wait for justice
who thirst for streams of peace
all who risk their hearts just to be swallowed by death
all you who cry "how long?"
Track Name: Kingfisher
Long ago my heart did glow
and the world did know
of a love so bold
But one day you left the shore
though I did implore,
you sang out to me

Oh our love still grows
through the wind and hail and stormy gale our love will surely thrive
and our hearts held fast
and the gods they knew no stormy slough could drown the love we had

storms they came and tempest blowed
the bark overflowed
and the end was near
but as you sank your heart did moan,
through the breakers groaned
of a love unquenched

you washed ashore I jumped right in
though I could not swim
met the ocean floor
but I arose took to the skies
in the halcyon guise
my lover by my side
Track Name: Trials, Troubles
Leave’s turn green to grey
Tears are lost in rains
In breeze my heart does sway
But I wont lose my way
No I wont, I wont

When ash is all that’s left
And of hope I stand bereft
When nothings left to gain
I wont be left in the rains
No I wont, I wont

When I near the dust
And when my bones do rust
When my years are filled
Death wont win me still
No it wont, no it wont

Though trials start to roar
Troubles knock at my door
Though the devil comes, I wont stand alone
No I wont, I wont
Track Name: Waves Collide
Seems I forgot just who I am
Seems things didn’t go as planned
And though I tried
To run this race my steps fall short
To think that I’d
Assume I’d make it on my own

Found I’ve never learned to trust
With doubtful heart I’m left with dust
And though I tried
To stand up tall my feet fall swift
As waves collide
Unstable sands give way beneath

I’ve found I crumble at the crux
And stumble blindly wild amuck
And though I tried for all these years to no avail
I rest alive, in spite of all my aimless strife